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2017 fashion festival glastonbury style guide

If you need an extra hand packing for what to take to Glastonbury, you've come to the right place! We've got you covered with an easy to follow guide of festival essentials to bring with you and the stuff you can leave at home...

The fact is, no matter how gorgeous you look at the start with your brand new boots and your body adorned in jewellery, head pieces, masks and hats, you're most likely to end up covered in mud and of course glitter.

Also, you somehow end up loosing pretty much everything you've taken with you that you've ever owned. This doesn't mean you have to look boring though...

Get Glasto' ready:

Okay lets talk sensible first, but then we will get to the glittering details...

1) A weatherproof jacket - and no we aren't taking the ski jacket from your last trip to the slopes, a parka will do just fine. Make sure its lightweight, durable and has a hood. Bonus points if it's one of those fold up ones. Extra bonus points if you go for a classic khaki colour. 

2) A band t-shirt - You'll look extra cool if you take one of these tees. Show everyone you're a no. 1 fan and go for a band t-shirt of someone who is actually performing (please make sure you actually like the band first). 

3) Shorts - A definite must have. You can't go wrong with a pair of classic denim high waisted ones. Alternatively, go for military inspired cargo style shorts for a nod towards the catwalk. If you still have room in your bag, chuck in a few cotton ones just incase you slip over...

4) Bralets - The perfect things to wear at festivals. They can be worn on their own if you're really getting into the festival vibes or under a tee. Check out our deep V metallic bralet for the perfect option. 

5) A hoodie/crew neck jumper - Perfect if it starts to get a bit chilly. Bonus points for oversized jumper dresses. 

7) A throw on dress - You'll want something that you won't mind getting a little dirty and will keep you feeling cool if the sun come out. Go for t-shirt styles if you want to keep it simple. Then, pair with some chunky boots or trainers. 

BUT more importantly, what we REALLY want you to take here at LBW:

8) Glitter... and we mean more glitter than physical clothing - It's completely down to you how far you want to take this. Either incorporate into your makeup and go for a statement eye look (complete with glitter liner) OR commit fully and go for an all over body look, basically as if you've just showered in glitter. We're sure you've seen the glitter lip and glitter roots trend all over Instagram, you now have the perfect opportunity to these out too!

9) Wigs, head pieces and hair accessories - Why not go for a new look every night while you're there? A wig will be the perfect option for when dry shampoo just isn't enough. Alternatively go for a hair chain or rings for something a little more subtle. 

10) Flashing fairy light top hats -  Make the most of the occasion and go full out... Don't worry about things clashing too much, anything that will ensure all eyes are on you for the whole night is perfect.

11) Fancy dress galore - From neon pink bodysuits to animal print swimsuits, anything weird and wonderful which makes you feel like you belong on Noah's ark.

12) Face Paints - Basically any animal you can think of... Tigers, Lizards, zebras anything goes! 

13) Sequin Jackets - The perfect statement piece for when you wanna be a lil less boring. Will look AMAZING paired with minimal t-shirt dress.



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