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We chat with gorgeous Texas native Valerie Sanders. Not only is Valerie one of our faves to follow on Insta gracing our screens with stunning shots , but she is also a style blogger AND model. Is there anything she can't do? We talk Netflix, Chapstick and sports bras...

Q. How and when did you become a blogger?

A: I started doing a little bit of blogging after my senior year of high school so about five years ago! It's definitely evolved since then. I had started doing some style posts on Instagram, ended up getting some good attention and feedback, and realised I really enjoyed it so I decided to start doing it more.

Q. What does a day in the life of you look like?

A: I just recently graduated college and actually started working full time in the apparel industry! I'm pretty busy with my job but always take time in the evenings to plan and create content, and talk to brands about collaborations. I also spend a lot of time outside and at cute coffee shops :)

Q. Who are your style inspirations, i.e influencers or designers that motivate you?

A: I have A LOT. I'll list a few: Alexander Wang and Jacquemus for designers. Need Supply Co, The Frankie Shop, Joanna Halpin, Reese Blustein, FIGTNY, Sonya Esman, Taylor Lashae (if you don't follow them on insta check them out!).

Q. What are your top beauty essentials for when you’re on the go?

A: Boscia blotting linens and chapstick! 

Q. Tell us something you love about yourself…

A. I love that my style is so unique! People tell me all the time, "Wow, I would have never thought to put that together". I love that I think outside the box.

Q. Describe your personal style…  

A: It's pretty minimal and modern. I like simple pieces that are really cool. My style has a bit of a sporty vibe to it too. Basically if I don't think other people would wear it, I wear it.

Q. What’s your go-to outfit?

A: A cool sports bra and trousers. I've been wearing that too much lately.

Q. What are you wearing today?

A: Jeans and a vintage tee. Casual casual.

Q. Name your fave song/s of the moment?

A: Anything by BORNS and I'm very into Lorde's new album!

Q. Snapchat or Instagram?

A: Always Instagram!

Q. Any festivals you’re off to this year, or have been to so far?

A: I'm afraid none!! I'm disappointed in myself haha Coachella is on my list for next year though

Q. What are your guilty pleasures?

A: Netflix. I'm so lazy and I love doing nothing but sitting on my couch watching Netflix

Q. Lastly, any advice for anyone pursuing a career in blogging/vlogging?

A: I would say to just stick with it if it's something you really enjoy doing! It's so hard because there's SO MANY people doing it but just focus on your unique take on things and creating good quality content on a regular basis! Also, collaboration is key. Get together with photographers and other bloggers/creatives around you!

Make sure you check out Valerie on Instagram and are keeping up to date with her!

Instagram: @valerie_sanders


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