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We got to chat with Birmingham bound beauty Paige! Juggling both student life (she is currently studying art) and also a killer Instagram feed Paige is definitely one to watch, and she's only just turned 18! She gives us a 'grunge meets streetwear' vibe with all her looks, so if you're a big fan of that you NEED to follow Paige!

We talk art, Nirvana and the best 'pretty goth' scent...

Q: How did you get into art and what do you love about it? 

A. I started drawing and painting when I was around 11 or 12, I was bullied very badly in secondary school and so it was my only release and form of outlet. I am now 18 and over the last few years have explored every kind of art form from simple drawing to my very elaborate 4ft x 6ft paintings to photography. For that reason I love art and it has loved me back and given me so many amazing opportunities!

Q: What does a day in the life of you look like?

A. I wake up around 6 and do the usual morning routine, have a rock/metal playlist on (recently Nirvana) whilst doing my makeup. I leave for college around 8 and spend all day there painting and creating. Come home and then usually go on a photography adventure somewhere!

Q: Who are your style inspirations, i.e influencers or artists/designers that motivate you? 

A. Weirdly enough, my style inspirations are mostly men in streetwear on Instagram. In real life I tend to mix Streetstyle with Metal/Alternative fashion which @mogimike (on instagram) does fantastically which Is why I consider him a style inspiration of mine. In the winter I am particularly more inspired by how Kanye West styles his models for season 4 of his collection; long boots and all. But I ALWAYS wear black or white with the exception of occasional sand. And then there's Da Vinci but that's more of an aspiration. 

Q. What are your top beauty essentials for when you’re on the go?

A. Kat von D - Lolita liquid lip - always. And one beauty blender to top up my Ben Nye banana powder if necessary, and either Black XS (the prettiest goth perfume ever) or some Victoria's secret body mist. Those are bomb.

Q: Tell us something you love about yourself…

A. I could answer with deeper subjects but I think it's important to not only love within yourself but at least one thing outside. I really, have come to love my legs. They are so incredibly long in comparison to my upper half I'm constantly told I'm 90% leg 10% torso.

Q: Describe your personal style… 

A. My personal style is Glam x Street or Street x Metal (or both) varying from my lazier days in Yeezys band t-shirts and backwards caps. To perspex heels with my craziest shredded denim, body suits & (faux) fur coats. 

Q: What’s your go-to outfit?

A.Cream white Yeezys, off white socks, my HUGE white jumper dress and off white cap. I love that outfit.

Q: What are you wearing today?

A.Off white cap, slipknot band t-shirt,  nice shredded denim and vans. 

Q: Name your fave song/s of the moment? 

A. Dumb - Nirvana 

Pink - Aerosmith 

Run Boy Run - Woodkid 

Looking down the barrel of today - Hatebreed 

The Hunna - Still got blood 

(and any slipknot songs) 

Q: Snapchat or Instagram?


Q: Any festivals you’re off to this year, or have been to so far?

A. No festivals this year, I will definitely be going to the next Download festival though! 

Q: What are your guilty pleasures?

A. I talk to my cat, and horses and I love it.  

Q: Lastly, any advice for anyone pursuing a creative career? 

A. There is no right or wrong. If you know within yourself this is what you do and you do well then who's got the right to stop you? Keep working, keep going until you achieve greatness. Prepare for no, and don't let that get to you. Take the criticism. Be better than yesterday and evolve. People always say to me "I could never take photos like you do, and be confident enough to post them" but at one point I was like that too, I was liberated from my own fear. Now, working with brands I love is my reward. 

Make sure you're keeping up to date with the lovely Paige!

Instagram: @lastofthetrue

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