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We got the chance to chat with gorge Insta influencer and visual merchandiser Kimberly (from @Kimberlyskinny).  Whether she's sporting a brand new hairstyle (were loving the barbie pink shade) or has just uploaded a pic showcasing her killer style, we're absolutely loving it! We talk busy lifestyles, Balmain and guilty pleasures...

Q. How did you get into visual merchandising? 

A: Actually it's visual merchandising which came to me. I was selling and my managers saw that I have a different sense of style and they knew about my Instagram. I had training in the company before officially joining the VM team.

Q. What does a day in the life of you look like?

 A: Waking up early,sleeping late..running through the city.. I work all the time between merchandising, shooting, and blogging but I'm still finding some time to enjoy life with my friends, even if I'm always hanging on my phone lol.

Q. Who are your style inspirations, i.e influencers or artists/designers that motivate you? 

A: I always say that my friends are my first inspiration, so many different styles, personalities, the universe .. they really inspire me everyday. 

I really love @shelleymokoeana and @keneilwe_mothoa on Instagram as well as @shopedelano because their vibes and style is quite similar to mine and I love the way they express their styles through their visuals it's really dope...

Q. What are your top beauty essentials for when you’re on the go?

A: Never without my Perfume "ambre-gris" by Balmain. My mac finishing press powder + my brush and my lipstick of the day. 

Q. Tell us something you love about yourself…

A: my smile even if i'm never smiling on pictures lmao but otherwise I will say my creativity and my adaptability to share it.

Q. Describe your personal style… 

A: I have a thing for mixing styles, my heart goes to oversize shapes, denims, japan style ... but sometimes I can go for more girly looks. 

Q. What’s your go-to outfit?

A: Total denim X chuck Taylor

Q. What are you wearing today?

A: Total denim and my chucks actually .. lmao 

Q: Name your fave song/s of the moment? 

A: Late night drive - Yo trane 

Q. Snapchat or Instagram?

A: Instagram! I'm not addicted to snap.

Q. Any festivals you’re off to this year, or have been to so far?

A: Not yet but I would love to experience Coachella or Afro punk one day.

Q. What are your guilty pleasures? 

A: I really enjoy staying in my bed all day, turning my phone off and having that 'movies and candy' kind of vibe. I don't know if it's guilty but it sure my fav pleasure *laughing* 

Q. Lastly, any advice for anyone pursuing a career in the fashion industry? 

A: Work on your assets and make them grow...

You can have a goal and do everything possible to make it comes true, but never forget your personal values as a human being which is your best strength in life. 

We heart Kimberly and we know you'll love her too...

Keep up to date:

Instagram: @kimberlyskinny

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